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Monday–Friday 11:30–23:00
Saturday 17:00–23:00
Sunday 17:00–21:00

Welcome to Grillen, Älmhult’s new living room. Where it’s barbecue season every day of the week, all year round. At Grillen we take ideas from cuisines around the world, make them surprisingly local and put most of it on the grill. Grillen also features a hot dog bar, Korvbaren, where we push the boundaries of the iconic IKEA hot dog. After all, what is a hot dog? Well, here with us it’s a flexible concept. Come and try us out!

About Grillen

Barbecued cale on a pink background.

Global kitchen, surprisingly local

At Grillen we take inspiration from global cuisines, bring them home and make our own versions surprisingly local. At Grillen we’re all about the art of cookery and the local ingredients – not just because that’s more sustainable, but also because local produce tastes better. That’s why our menu varies according to season. But the barbecue season, that lasts all year round.

From soft beds to grill beds

Grillen may be a brand new restaurant concept, but to be completely honest we actually stole the idea – from ourselves. The first IKEA Grillen opened back in 1961 at the very first IKEA store here in Älmhult (now IKEA Museum). Even then, the aim was to provide a meeting-place with good food at reasonable prices. And now we’re doing it again! But in a style more suited to 2024.

Neon sign of a hotdog in a bun.

Carrot in a bun please!

At our hot dog bar, Korvbaren, we look at the sausage from both ends. At one end is the hot dog kiosk, always a great place to meet up for some food and a laugh. And at the other end is the popular five SEK hot dog, for many a key part of any visit to IKEA. But most interesting is what can be found in between the two ends: a menu offering a surprising variety of hot dogs. The aim of the hot dog bar is to offer a brand new food experience. Enjoy!